FeedBack2 Liquid Compost 5 gallon
Super Concentrate 

TREATS 55 acres turf

Makes 7040 gallons of solution

Mix: 12.8 oz per 100 gallons water


For: Natural Aeration, De-compaction & De-thatching

SoilZyme is an all natural organic liquid soil conditioner made from a sugar cane based ferment of organic vegetable matter containing more than 10 different enzymes and non-ionic surfactants. Petrochemicals are degraded by SoilZyme converted to harmless soil nutrients.

SoilZyme opens up hard & compacted soils.

Non ionic surfactants in SoilZyme BREAK the surface tension of water increasing the waters ability to penetrate between compacted soil colloids.

As a result, AERATION increases as greater amounts of atmospheric oxygen flow into macro & micro pore spaces of soil colloids. SoilZyme makes even compacted clay particles more slippery, porous, aerated & malleable. SoilZyme also provides carbohydrates for soil microbes.

In the process the multiple enzymes and humic acid solution of SoilZyme helps break down organic matter in the soil converting it into usable nutrition & coating the soil particles with a solution that beneficial aerobic soil bacteria can colonize on.

Healthy soil naturally allows for the penetration of air, water & gases including gases given off by soil biology converting nutrients into plant useable forms.

Introducing oxygen into the soil enables beneficial aerobic bacteria to metabolize & propagate while preventing the growth of anaerobic pathogenic bacteria.


SoilZyme recommended usage is 2-5 gallons per acre depending on the degree of compaction.

Regular use of SoilZyme will keep soils open permitting atmospheric exchange, water penetration & de-thatching.

  2012 Mother Earth Organics