Seven Keys to Healthy Soil

1. Soil Atmosphere - Porous soil spacing
2. Water (moisture) - film envelopes percolation
3. Minerals - nutrients - soil solutions - pH
4. Organic Material - humus and humus reserves
5. Beneficial Micro-organisms - & soil animals
6. Soil Enzymes - are crucial to all life
7. Lack of Interfering substances - & actions

Plants require more than fertilizer (NPK) and

water for proper nutrition. Often soils are not able to produce healthy plants due to deficiency of key micro-nutrients. Thus the soil is malnourished leading to weakened plants, which require a chemical solution OR an organic solution.

We present a total organic solution. Organic care is all about healthy soil because healthy soil produces healthy plants.

Healthy plants are naturally disease and pest resistant.

All of our products are unconditionally guaranteed!

Biological life in healthy soils assists plants by converting nutrients into usable forms of nutrition and preventing soil diseases from proliferating by out-competing for dominance. FeedBack� Liquid Compost is a complete gourmet meal for soil bacteria. It is available as a Concentrate or Super Concentrate.

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